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Name:Sam Aberson
Birthdate:Jan 19

attending PENN STATE

majoring in HISTORY

extracurricular activities include DEBATE, TRACK, and LACROSSE

not in any FRATERNITY tyvm



studying LAW

getting over THE ONE WHO GOT AWAY or at least DUMPED HIM


other versions

1 | 2 | 3 | 4

rp oc

both mun and muse are over 18
portrayed by adam brody

Interests (23):

being smarter than you, brownies, catholicism, cocks, damn the pope, debating, dicks, getting blowjobs, history, interjecting, outlines, papacy, point a, religion, rhetoric, ruling the world, salted broccoli, subpoints, telly-tubbies, the presidency, the world, vay-jay-jays, weed
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